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Tancher Electronics Social Safety Initiative (TESSI)

Tancher Corporation, the Electronics Design Company, is happy to announce that it wins a Good Design Award 2007 of Chicago Athenaeum with its TESSI Rescue Beacon project. About Good Design: The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design historic Good Design program was founded in 1950 by Edgar J. Kaufmann Jr. Good Design remains the oldest and most important Award Program worldwide

Professionals for Human Life Protection

Tancher Electronics Company, an electronics design and development specialist, will boldly move forward with its "Social Safety Initiative" this spring.  The Social Safety Initiative calls upon the entire electronics industry as well as governmental authorities and organizations to support a wide expansion of safety technologies to save the most precious of resources, human life.

The Tancher Electronics Social Safety Initiative, TESSI intends to trigger the use of innovative technology solutions in rescuing people throughout the world. To start this process, TESSI seeks to induce electronics designers, manufacturers, governments, and social organizations to view scientific and technological progress as means to both improve the quality of life and to secure life itself.

Terrorism threats, man-made and natural disasters are all constantly taking human lives. Earthquakes themselves take away nearly ten thousand lives annually.  In the most tragic of years, as many as one hundred to two hundred thousand lives are lost due to these natural and man-made disasters.  Many of these lives could have been saved if just a little simple technology such as emergency alarms or life rescuing devices would have been available.

The unavailability of life-saving technology during disasters is not due to the expenses in design and production, but rather the fact that the issue of life-saving technology has not yet been properly addressed.  This failure is a mixed result of manufacturers not considering the safety industry sector commercially attractive and governments missing technological expertise deep enough to handle safety problems.

For these reasons, we call upon our dear Colleagues to treat the development and implementation of life-saving technology as an important part of their consumer and social responsibility.

As its own addition to the Initiative, Tancher has developed special radio beacons to rescue people from under the rubble and debris caused by explosions, cave-ins, earthquakes, and avalanches. In usual life the beacons are used as a USB flash memory devices. Tancher is ready to pass, free of charge, all the necessary technology to manufacture these beacons to all interested parties and authorities.

People rescued from under ruins within the first 30 minutes have a 50% survival rate.  However, after three hours, the survival rate drops to below 10%.  Tancher radio-beacons help to speed up rescuers work by allowing them to precisely locate trapped people. We've chosen this addition to the life-saving technology field because we believe - no one can improve the quality of life without saving the life itself.  By saving peoples' lives - we, at the end of the day, are saving our own consumers!

We urge everyone who wants to join our initiative to:

  •  support the concept of the never-ending expansion of life safety and rescue technology;
  •  carry out your own projects in this important field based on your professional expertise;
  •  assist interested authorities in the development of said life-saving and rescue technologies;
  •  pay attention to the social projects of this kind and provide all possible professional help
  •  bring any other affordable input into the "social safety infrastructure" development

 If you have any sort of project that goes in line with our Initiative please send it over to sos@tancher.com. Tancher will provide technological examination gratis and, if passed, your project will be published along with the other social inventions. Your contacts will be open for the audience. We believe that this way your project will be implemented fast.

Please support the initiative!

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